Maps & Timetables - LOCAL WALKING TRAILS

Griffiths Island Lighthouse Walk

The lighthouse was built in 1859 at the tip of Rabbit Island (subsequently linked with Griffiths Island) to allow seamen to locate the bay. The Outline of the lighthouse station is marked by Norfolk Island Pine rows, and there were two bluestone keeper's cottages standing by the causeway to the lighthouse until 1956. The gardens established by the lighthouse keepers can still be seen.
Mutton Bird Viewing
Griffith's Island is home to a Shearweater (mutton bird) colony numbering many thousands of birds.

Historic Town Walks

There are two walking tours available to introduce visitors to 30 historic buildings and locations. The map was prepared for the Borough of Port Fairy and is distributed by the Port Fairy Visitor Information Centre, Bank Street, 5568 2682.

Mahogany Walking Track

This is a beach walk between Port Fairy and Warrnambool. It passes the believed resting place of the elusive Mahogany Ship, thought to be a Portuguese caravel that was wrecked in the early 1500s. At 22 km one way, it is a long but gently graded walk.